Make Pinellas County
Even Better

It’s About Getting Down to Business

The lack of representation of the small business owners, employees of these businesses, and our county’s citizens as a whole have been at the forefront in the Commission meetings over the last few months. Hundreds of emails were sent, most with no reply. Calls into the meeting by the dozens at every meeting, no response, or even acknowledgment of these citizens with the exception of Kathleen Peters, not one person even acknowledged them.

The problem is career politicians get comfortable after years of holding an office and stop listening to the citizens they serve. Unfortunately, there are no term limits on the Commissioners even though Nov. 5, 1996, Pinellas County voters overwhelmingly approved a referendum calling for term limits for local elected officials. The county took it to the Supreme Court because they weren’t happy with the voters choice and it was overturned against the voters’ wishes. I truly don’t know anyone but politicians who don’t believe in some sort of term limits for political offices.

If the same people stay in the same positions for years on end, how can new ideas be introduced? How can different opinions or visions be shared if it’s the same people year after year? They can’t.

It’s time for a small business owner to represent those who have had to worry whether they’re going to get a paycheck and those who have worried if they were going to be able to make payroll. It’s time for the Commission to have balance instead of predominantly career politicians. I want to bring that balance. I bring fresh ideas on tourism, public transportation, infrastructure, support of our Fire and Police Departments, support for our local fisherman, and more. All from the perspective of a person who has had to spend wisely, and balance budgets in order to have a successful business.

Together we can make Pinellas County even better!

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